♥ Thanks ♥ before Thanksgiving ♥


No cutie~pie little girls around to help me draw out of a hat this morning…soooo…I used that Random Number thingy.  So easy.  How far technology has come, eh?  Anyway…….

The winner of a copy of *Artful Blogging* is Tam (#5)!!!  Yay and Yippee!!!  What fun!  Funny, but as happy as I am to send a copy to Tam, I wish that I could send one to everyone who left a comment.  It was just so lovely, the nice things everyone said.  Anyway, in lieu of a magazine, how about a thank you?  Okay?  Great.

First up is Tam.  She is trying to make fudge!  Go help her!  Tam, thanks so much for your sweet words…I can see by your blog that you are an animal lover.  ♥

Marilyn, is lovely.  She has the sweetest Judy Brown Hitty who pops up on her blog from time to time.  LOVE that!  …and Marilyn, yes, Fan was a cutie pie.  People used to think I had a giant stuffed -animal in my front carseat until she would move.  Imagine the looks.  It happened over and over.  It's nice to have a dog so cute that she brings smiles to people's faces.  ♥   

Erin is a Hitty friend.  I have actually met her a couple times in person.   Erin has oodles of artistic talent – she carves the most delightfully whimsical Hittys.   Erin, you silly, OF COURSE I entered you in my giveaway.  Please find that magazine and buy it for yourself.  You will LOVE it!  And thanks, Erin, for keeping us in your thoughts while we work through the loss of our dear Poodle.  ♥

Jennifer, thank you so very much for your comment.  It's so nice to know that you enjoy my little piece of cyberspace.  ♥

Nan is from Alaska.  She is surrounded by beauty every day.  The views from her home are just incredible.  Nan also makes the cutest little dollies.  I love them!  She's working on a dollhouse right now and I am enjoying watching her progress.  Nan, thanks for all your friendly comments on my blog.  I really appreciate it.  ♥

Eli is on the other side of the Atlantic.  I truly enjoy her blog and reading about life in England.  Her *About* picture on her blog cracks me up every time I visit.  It is so darned cute!  Eli makes adorable dolls and other cuteness.  Thanks, Eli, for sharing a bit of yourself on your blog.  ♥

Kelly, too, has a lovely blog.  I didn't realize until just a few days ago that she is also a dollmaker!  Kelly, thank you for sharing your creations on your blog…those coin purses in your Etsy shop are truly inspired!  ♥

Marion ♥'s pretty things.  It says so on her blog, which is (surprise…) PRETTY!  Marion, it's suddenly so extremely important to me for the girls to remember Fanny~Mae.  I hope they do and you said they would, so thanks.  I'm taking that to heart.  ♥

And Vickie.  Your comment was so thoughtful and heartfelt.  Tater read it with me and both of us had tears in our eyes.  You gave us a gift ~ the sharing of that moment.  It was remarkable.  Thank you so, so much.  ♥

Wow…Talk about a diversion.  I'd say that worked out pretty well!  Thanks for playing along! 

               *****               *****               *****

In other news, Pit~Pat participated in her first ever Karate Tournament.  I honestly never thought that child would be able to do it.  She is incredibly shy.  She freezes.  It is hard, as a mother, to know how wonderful a person your child is and then see that they are unable to share that (easily) with the world.  Karate seems to have changed that a bit.  She got up there and did it!  Alone!  She spoke to the judges, she answered their questions with more than a nod!!!  Holy Cow!  It was amazing.  Boppa was there, too and I know that Pitter was really happy about that:

Going over the program with Boppa 

My *shy* girl…getting her scores:

Pit~Pat's First Tournament 

Karate has been such a wonderful thing for my *big* girls.  It has helped them both to conquer shyness, get more physically fit, learn skills, and just generally feel good about themselves.   They both started at the end of 4th Grade, and that seems just about right to me.

First Trophy

After the Tournament, Pitter came home pleased as punch.  What a treasure those trophies are to her.  Of course to celebrate, one must play with dolls.  And take their pictures.  Which Pit~Pat did for the rest of the afternoon.

As photographed by Pit~Pat 

Like mother, like daughter.  ♥
Happy Thanksgiving!


6 Responses to “♥ Thanks ♥ before Thanksgiving ♥”

  1. Your girls will always remember Fanny-Mae she has been part of their childhood. My youngest son was only a toddler when our Irish Wolfhounds died and he still remembers them.

  2. Martha Thank You! I am so excited that I won your cool give away! YAY!!! 😀 Hey I would like to invite you to be one of my Yakkers -so sign up and follow my blog (if you are into that?)I would love to have you join us!
    And yes you are right -I absolutely LOVE animals-I am a nut about them! I would have so many more pets if we were not renting. Animals have the sweetest spirits and have been a huge part of our family’s lives!
    Your girls sound darling! And hooray for the trophy! Karate is a tough sport-way 2 go!Must be kind of hard to watch though huh mom? I know at least for me when my sons play certain sports like football or wrestling I can’t stand how rough it can get!!! UUGGHH I am the mom on the sideline yelling and cheering my kid on! LoL! Never thought I would be that way-but oh well I am! Anyhow Martha may you and your family have a rockin Thanksgiving girl!And thanks again for the awesome give away!!!

  3. What fun! I found some more blogs that I will just have to add to my list! Congratulations to Pit Pat and I love her little dollie!
    Erin 🙂

  4. How good for your girls. My brother is a black belt so I grew up having to learn some moves… it is a good sport for girls to develop self confidence. I’m going to check out the other blogs in between pie baking! Have a happy Thanksgiving Martha.

  5. Congratulations Pit-Pat, just look at those scores. Isn’t it wonderful when our children surprise us, there is so much talent stored in their young minds and bodies. Have a wondeful Thanksgiving. Eli

  6. Congratulations Pit~Pat!
    Karate is my favorite sport too!!!!

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