I should be baking, not blogging!

The weather was perfect for gathering greens this morning:

Gathering of the Greens

I've been doing it for several years now.  We have a nice variety in our yard, and I really like the simplicity of unadorned greens in my planters:

Holiday Window Box 

Dassa and I are spending a quiet afternoon together, as the big sisters are off with friends.  Dassa has mostly been drawing and reading:

Dassa with Jaxie 

Dassa had a Harvest Celebration in Kindergarten this morning.  I was privileged enough to be there, helping with the Pilgrim Hats.  Dassa really loves hers and has been telling me all about Pilgrims today.  Here she is, chocolate (soy) pudding encrusted *Pilgrim* girl:

Rainbow Pilgrim Girl 

I have been doing a superb job procrastinating.  Started a hat for Dassa:

Dassa's Hat 

Fooled around looking at puppies online this morning (Yes, I am crazy, thankyouverymuch.)  I have wasted waaaay too much time for someone expecting lots and lots of hungry relatives tomorrow.  I finally got busy a little while ago.  Started some baking that can keep overnight.  Cleaned lots of windows.  Did a general straightening up.   Dan's off to pick up an extra card table at his parents' house.  I'm thinking it's time for a(nother) break.

Beautiful wooden trees...I love these. 

***Have a Happy Thanksgiving***


3 Responses to “I should be baking, not blogging!”

  1. Your greens look lovely. Your little Pilgrim Girl is darling and I bet that she had lots of fun at school today.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  2. I haven’t baked a thing! Lots of cleaning, bed changing, dishwashing. I’m the host, the family is bringing much of the food. I love those wooden trees.I think I need to get Nels a tool with which to make those….

  3. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.

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