This is a nice time of year.  Thanksgiving's hullabulloo is over and the Christmas decorations can come out.  The girls are just starting to get excited, and plans for baking, gift-giving and other fun Christmas-oriented activities are being made.  I should backstep to Thanksgiving, though.  We have it here every year and I complain heartily.  I admit, I'm terrible about it.  With Fanny~Mae dying so soon before the holiday, I was even more horrid this year.  Then, this happened:

Morning dishes...drying 

Actually, above is a photo from this morning, but it sums up the situation – our dishwasher broke.  Right before Thanksgiving.  Which almost put me over the edge.   Almost.  Until I read the news (sigh…is it ever good?) and realized how truly blessed we are.  So, I quit my complaining (mostly) and got down to business.  I had willing helpers, too:

Potato Smashers 

Dassa wore her Pilgrim bonnet for two days straight.  So adorable.
Thanksgiving dinner was *almost* perfect.  I had insisted to Dan that the meal be simple.  Not a million side dishes and three trillion pies.  We agree it was the best ever.  How does that happen, when your heart is full of sadness and despair, and you are fighting something the whole way (Thanksgiving in this case), that it turns out to be one of the nicest things to happen?  Everyone enjoyed themselves, myself included. 

That was an inferno of a Birthday Cake! 

Pépé and Lindsey blew out the candles on the birthday cake – that's Mémé looking on.  She looks so happy in this picture.  (We had skipped our usual Autumn get-together, so we had lots of birthdays to celebrate!)  Below is the aftermath, just before dessert:

Thanksgiving 2008 

Yesterday we visited with Pawbee and Boppa.  Today is a home day, for sure.  Plenty of laundry to catch up with.  The girls are busy with a pad of tracing paper and a pile of books:

My little artistes 

I've got the Manger set up and the shepherds are awaiting their miracle.  Mary and Joseph were found upstairs this morning…slowly making their way to the stable.  It's a fun game, and Dassa enjoys searching for them each day.

Ostheimer Nativity 

This is a sweet moment in time.  Three girls, not at all grown up, filling the house with life.  An extended family that lives close by.  A warm and safe home.  We are lucky.



3 Responses to “Blessed.”

  1. You are truely Blessed!

  2. Oh deary me Martha, your girls always put a smile on my face. Young Dassa in her Pilgrim bonnet, isn’t she just the cutist. The girls always seem so busy, its so nice to see. I was never bored when there was paper and pencils handy (I’m still not!) Its good to be able to amuse yourself without the aid of electronic gadgets. I spotted your blue and white Spode mug. I’m a Spode fanatic and have collected it for years. The sad news is that after 170 years of pottery making they have just ‘gone bust’ thanks to this aweful credit crunch. We are also losing our Woolworth stores for the same reason. Its quite bad over here and so sad to see old firms having to close their doors for the last time. As you say we have a lot to be thankful for. Your Thanksgiving party looked great fun. I hope everyone helped with the washing up!! Hopefully the dishwasher is now fixed (or a new one installed). Ours is playing up and I reckon it will finally go on Christmas day (the freezer broke on Christmas day in 2006 with the loss of mountains of food). Ah well, there are far worse things happening. Thanks for the link in your last post by the way. Eli

  3. I’m glad it turned into a happy Thanksgiving. I think I could have managed without a dishwasher (since I had plenty of willing guests), but I think I would just about die if the washing machine were to break down. The pile of sheets and towels awaiting the wash is truly stunning! And now to Advent!

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