A Visit With Hitty…Holiday Preparations Are Underway

Hitty Jean is wearing her *Favorite Holiday Dress*.  Perfect for today, for she is decorating for Advent and Christmas:

Now where is the best place for the Advent Wreath?

She is late with the Advent Wreath, but no matter.  The Hittys will light the first candle tonight.  A warm, glowy candlelight will accompany dinner this evening:

Found the Perfect Spot! 

The Manger is ceremoniously placed on the mantle.  Hitty Jean likes for it to be center stage at the Holidays:

The Hitty's Manger 

*A beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about*


6 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty…Holiday Preparations Are Underway”

  1. Charming! Love the Bodo Hennig! And Hitty Jean just looks scrumptious! You should see
    Hitty Dauphine’s Christmas Dress collection…hey, maybe I will do a segment on it. Hee-hee!

  2. Such wonderful minatures, just perfect.

  3. Perfect Hitty size Christmas tree!

  4. Amazing detail, please don’t tell me you carved the Nativity scene Martha!

  5. Lovely!
    I always like your little story and your photos!

  6. Oh, I’m so glad you laeft a comment on my blog Martha, because now i’ve found your wonderful blog! I love Hitty Jean…………….. She’s rather beautiful……………..

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