Hatty Hat Hat ~ Revisited

Remember *that* hat?  Ah, Pit-Pat loves it.  She wears it almost every day, so it won't be remade into something else as I had planned.

Now Officially Pit~Pat's Hat

It's a great hat.  Nothing like soft merino wool to keep you warm, that's for sure!
I made a hat for Dassa, too.  Thankfully, it was love at first sight.  It didn't come off her wee little head for hours:

Dassa in her new hat  

Me: Dassa, what are some good, bright colors you might like for your hat?
Dassa: Ummmm…black?
Me: Actually, I will be using black for part of the hat, but it needs a bright color, too.
Dassa: Okay.  How 'bout gray?
Me: (sigh…)

Pit~Pat made some hats in a wonderful sewing class her Scout troop took.  She made several, and then came home and made a few more smaller ones:

Pitter made hats for the Waldorfs

Her sisters are thrilled, and Pitter is pleased with her newfound skill.
Big changes are coming up for Pit~Pat.  I have a meeting with the School Assistant Superintendent tomorrow.  I'm excited, as I've been down this road before…


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