Dassa decided that this was a good week for a sinus infection.  Poor baby.  Needless to say, Santa's Workshop had to shut down for the last two days, and with a snowstorm about to hit (up to a foot of snow!  Whee!) it looks like Santa isn't going to be finding any time to hide and sew.  Alas.  Dan's hat looks great though.  I'm hoping to finish today.  It was supposed to be a surprise, and it was until this:

Dan: Guess I'll be firing up the snowblower tomorrow.
Me: Too bad I never got around to knitting you a nice hat…
Dassa: (highly accusatory tone) Mommy!  You just told Daddy about his present!!

We went to the farm today to register Pitter for a class.  Imagine the excitement when we discovered that the bunnies now roam free in the greatest bunny pens ever.  Pit~Pat became even more excited after she fell in love with a gray bunny.  "And Mom!!  The price of the bunnies is $15 instead of $25!"  Ummmmm……So?  Are these girls kidding me?  Didn't we just get over waaaaay too much Hamster Excitement?  I can relate, though.  I fell in love with every animal I saw when I was little, and I always had to have it.

Upon returning home, Dassa began a persuasive argument à l'artiste.  Each drawing she presented me with was cute as can be.
First, she drew the bunnies they each wanted.  Pit~Pat wants gray, Dassa wants white.  Apparently, no one wants the sweet spotted one:


Then came the fact-finding.  She drilled Pit~Pat with several *Rabbit Care* questions.
"Will you clean up the bunny's poops?"


"Will you love the bunny?"


"Will you feed the bunny?"


And most importantly, "Will you be careful not to step on the bunny's tail?"


Pit~Pat answered each question correctly, so this obviously means we will be heading right on over to the farm to claim our new pets.  Right?!

As tempting as it may be, I have to get back to Christmas preparations.  Sorry girls, they don't involve bunnies.  Not this year.  ♥


2 Responses to “Interrupted”

  1. I love the art work!!!!

  2. I absolutely want that litle flying rabbit. Please tell Dassa to point it my direction. Have you seen Lionhead rabbits? Strange but so cute. I could home them all.

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