Snow Day

It just keeps coming….


I've enjoyed watching the birds at the feeder today as the snow falls and falls.  There was to be a lull, but that isn't happening.  And another storm is due tonight. 
While I watch the birds and the snow, Tater has been working on her homework.  Pit~Pat has been resting her tired, cold-catching self.  Jax loves a sleeping human.  He's always right there:


Dassa must be feeling better…she braved the cold and snow for a good, long while:


And some good news!  A big wood delivery is scheduled for this evening.
Better late than never!!!


2 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Yes. It has snowed all day and we have about a foot with another foot expected tomorrow. We’ve switched from a solstice bonfire to a solstice yule log for our party tomorrow.

  2. We are getting hit pretty hard with snow too! Lovin it-as long as we don’t have to drive in it! Have fun playing in the snow!

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