The Last Sunday

Today…the last Sunday in Advent.  We have been lighting our candles each evening at dinner.  We have a poem that the girls recite:

*The first light of Advent,
It is the light of stones.
The light that lives in crystals,
Seashells and bones.*


*The second light of Advent,
It is the light of plants.
Plants reach up to the sun,
And in the breezes dance.*


*The third light of Advent,
It is the light of beasts.
Animal, insect, bird or fish,
Furry, scaled or fleeced.*


*The fourth light of Advent,
It is the light of Man.
The light of love, the light of thought,
To give and understand.*


After our 3 o'clock late lunch (early dinner?) Dassa scurried outside to be with Dan.  She had a proposition for him:

Snowman Time!! 

The snow is still falling…and falling.  Santa's workshop is essentially shut down.  If there's a snow day tomorrow, Santa may have to declare an emergency!
In the meantime, I'm pottering about, doing what I can on the sly:


♥ I am so very blessed ♥


3 Responses to “The Last Sunday”

  1. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family. Happy Christmas Martha to you all.

  2. I’m taking a rest. I have just bought my final gift. Now all that remains is the fresh food. Thanks for popping by Martha. I’ve had trouble accessing your blog during the past week, not sure why, other blogs seem OK. Having said that, Typepad has let me down quite a bit recently so I’m not pleased with them. My daughter managed to fiddle about with some coding a few weks ago and sort things out.
    I’m green with envy at your snow, though when I saw Dassa covered in the glorious white stuff I remembered the puddles and blue fingers and toes I used to have to deal with. You have a home full of ‘treasures’ so I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful fun Christmas. Hope it won’t be a houseful of rabbits!!!!!!!!!!! Eli

  3. I love this post Martha! Your Advent wreath is so unique and so is the poem- beautiful!

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