Forest Girl


So, so pleased with how my latest project turned out!



8 Responses to “Forest Girl”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Martha…I love it. I have no idea how you would atempt a project like this (its not a technique much used in England). Any chance of a step by step tutorial when you do the next one. Lovely…you should frame it.

  2. Martha, this is absolutely deliciously beautiful! You are ridiculously talented in the fiber arts. You should have seen the misshapen felted acorn I made…it looked obscene.

  3. I’m in love! One of the reasons I like January so much is that all the Christmas chores are done, the house is clean, and I can craft. I’m inspired.

  4. “WOW!!!” (she says as her jaw drops to the ground). …LOVE IT!!!

  5. This is absolutely wonderful. You really have so much talent–must come from your Great Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother. Certainly it did not come from your Mother or Grandmother.

  6. WoW! That is sooo adorable-what a talent you have! I love that! Have a happy week my blogging buddy!

  7. Martha this is so wonderful. I have this Elsa Beskow book and just got it off the shelf and looked at this page !! What a great idea you had here to work this scene in felt. It makes me want to try one !!

  8. I love this so much! It is very inspiring. I have been creating a new sewing/craft room in my house and I am itching to get it finished so I can start creating in there.

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