Chills, coughing, delirium.  It is just miserable when anyone gets this sick, but when it's the mom.  Ugh.  And my Pit~Pat has a headache coming…please, please don't let it be a migraine.  Please.  Homeschool is looking more like nursing school, though  I suppose that can't be all bad…

Here's some beauty from the other evening:


No beautiful sunset tonight, as another snow/ice storm is rolling in.  Now that is good news indeed.


5 Responses to “Chilly”

  1. Oh deary me – Miss VanDroo needs to whip up a large vat of chicken soup for what ails you. The Capital City Hittys hope you all feel better soon. Happy

  2. Good News?!? I think we will be going to school until August this year. Is that possible? Either that or we’ll get no Spring Break. Also, I am just so darned cold. I want to be warm again!
    Beautiful sunset! Get better soon!
    Erin 🙂

  3. Lovely sunset. It makes me want to get my paintbox out. Hope the sneezles soon go away they’re a real pain.

  4. Dang it!! Germs are the worst part of winter. Hope you’re all up and running healthy soon!
    Take care of yourselves,

  5. There’s nothing worse than a full house of sick people when you – the mom – are one of those taken ill. I find that Hot Chocolate, of all things, clears my sinuses. Maybe it will at least soothe all the savage beasties and banish the nasties. I hope you all feel better soon. Happy

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