Now Things Are Cooking!

Oh, gosh.  It has been weeks of sinusitis (Dassa), pneumonia (Pit~Pat), bronchitis (me), ear infections (Tater) and…a cold sore (Dan.)  It’s amazing how what I am assuming is the same virus/bacteria can affect us all so differently.  It hasn’t been pretty, and at one point there were three of us on the couch.  Tater is the last sickly one and she really, really needs this long weekend to get better.  Dan has rallied, cooking and (sort of) cleaning for all of us while we moan and groan and seem to take forever to get better.  While I was so sick, I became aware of a definite cycle: fall asleep…wake up…stare at unkempt kids…moan and groan…repeat for 7 days.

I’ve finally been able to tend to my usual household duties, though at a much slower pace.  Cooking some healthy dinners has been a priority and will hopefully help to bring us back among the living – soon.  (We have all had enough of Chicken Soup!)  Tonight is Chicken Curry.  The spices that went into this dish were endless.  And so pretty I suggested to Pit~Pat that we decorate a room based on all the colors:


But first we need to get our strength back.


2 Responses to “Now Things Are Cooking!”

  1. Oh dear – you folks have had a rough week. I hope you are all feeling better very soon!

  2. First time visitor. Oh dear I do hope everyone is feeling better soon -chicken soup and chicken curry would surely aid recovery. Just looked back at your ‘Forest Girl’ post – now that is really really lovely!!

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