So, Eli wants to know 7 Random Things about me.  First, before I begin, I must say that Eli's blog is too good to be missed.  Her new banner is FANTASTIC!  She has a tutorial for knitted pencils which I can't wait to try.  And her collections?  Holy cow, she has the neatest stuff.  (She just posted about her beads.)  Her blog, Flutterby Patch, may be more interesting than 7 Random Things about me, but I'll be a sport and play along.  Here goes…

Martha in 4th Grade 

1. Above is me in the 4th Grade.  That was the longest hair I ever had.
2. I lived in Belgium when I was in 2nd and 3rd Grade.  I learned French fluently, but didn't speak it at all once we returned to the States.
3. I am horribly disorganized.
4. Dan and I had our first date on August 1st of 1991 and were married on February 29th of 1992.  Short courtship.
5. I am allergic to all lipstick and chapstick.  All of it.  Believe me, I've tried.  The only thing I can use is petroleum jelly.
6. I love all things Scandinavian.  I wish I WAS Scandinavian.
7. I have no credit-card debt.  (New and hard-earned development.  Yippee!)

Hmmmm…this is kind of fun.  I may have to post 7 Random things about Tater, and then Pitter, and then Dassa.  Maybe even Dan.  ?  Sure would be fun to read in years to come.

That's what this blog is all about – saving it all for posterity.  I have tried a few times with no luck to upload my blog to Blurb.  My plan is to publish a book of each blogged year for the girls to keep.  Someday, sooner rather than later, I hope…

♥Hamster Update!  Stumpy returned to his cage late yesterday afternoon.  We had left it open on the floor – worked like a charm.  Phew.♥


7 Responses to “Random”

  1. As you may have read I uploaded my blog (which is on blogger) to scrapbookblogger, but didn’t like the layout options. I’m happy to have a hard copy though! I also love all things Scandinavian and had a short courtship. I wish I had no credit card debt….

  2. Return of the Stumpy! That open cage things almost always works. We’ve lost a lot of smallish pets from cages over the years, but all returned to their nests when they got hungry, if said “nest” was where they could find it. Never lost any to the cats – once, one decided to mouth a wandering pet mouse, but she spit it back out (just keeping it warm, she said). Happy

  3. What a cutie you were! It looks just like you Martha! I made a book of my 12 Days of Christmas on Snapfish. Cost me $70, but it was well worth it. Even Kelly loved it!
    We’ve already finished the Twilight series. Are you liking it?
    Erin 🙂

  4. Thanks for joining in Martha and being so complimentary about my chaotic patch. I love the photo by the way, you look a very happy child and I reckon with the pretty traditional embroidery on your dress you could easily pass as Scandinavian (perhaps you have Viking blood in you (could you steer a long boat?) So glad Stumpy has returned unharmed. The last hamster I had ended up in a a bucket of wallpaper paste… not a pretty picture, it still haunts me. Glad you are feeling more sprightly (that’s a Scandinavian sprite of course!) Hope the girls are also on the mend….Eli

  5. I owe Eli a great big “THANK YOU” as her tagging game has happily led me to discover your blog! I am quite taken with your Hitty dolls and the lovely dollhouse. I have enjoyed browsing through their adventures here and can’t wait to read more!
    natallie jo

  6. What a sweet little grin! Can you remember any French? We learn French in school here in Canada but I’m not in the least fluent.

  7. Super fun to read 7 random things about you! Too bad about the lipstick- Glad your hamster returned! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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