Inauguration Day


Together, the girls and I watched the inauguration.  President Obama's daughters were taking pictures during the ceremony.  Yo-Yo Ma looked like he was having a blast, as did that cute clarinetist – Anthony McGill.  (Pit-Pat would like me to add that it is not appropriate for a married woman to find other men cute.)  We wondered aloud about silly things like: Who gave Obama his haircut?  We talked about Aretha's cool hat.  We watched on in amazement as the cameras showed the Mall – a sea of people.  They looked cold.  And emotional.  We were taken in by President Obama's very deep voice.  We wondered why he didn't look cold.  Was it nerves?  Or were there heaters set up for the *important* people?  We talked about how well protected President Obama is by the Secret Service.  And how cool to miss school because your dad is being sworn in as President!?

Extraordinarily Ordinary.


2 Responses to “Inauguration Day”

  1. Yup! I watched it too here in foggy old Britain and thought how lucky it was that it wasn’t pouring with rain in Washington. Nice not to have a jolly queen in a crown waving from a golden coach and lots of marching men in enormous black fur hats (as in our ceremonial parades). Great spectacle and very memorable. Lets hope the world thinks hard about his message. Good ols Aretha, her hat was something else wasn’t it. Bet she had a head warmer under there.

  2. That is good that you watched with your daughters and talked about it. I think it is so important for our children to have an understanding of how the country is run. Good for you! ~Tam:D

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