A Visit With Hitty…Babysitting

Hitty Jean is babysitting today!  Well, actually, she's just flitting about in the home of the little boy that Dassa and Dassa's mom babysit.  It never gets boring for Hitty Jean.  Come along and see why:

Hitty Jean LOVES the Dalas 

Do you like Dala horses?  Hitty Jean loves them.  This is only a few in the collection.  There's a Dala Rooster, too:


Hitty Jean loves the Swedish Valentine's Day decorations.  If you play eye-spy with the picture below, you'll also see Swedish candelabra and some Quimper:

Eye-Spy...A huge fireplace! 

There are Provincial influences as well:

Hitty Jean does love some nice Pierre Deux cushions 

Not your thing?  Well, Hitty Jean is sure you must love Matryoshka's as much as she does.  How about antique ones?

Antiques? Maybe, maybe not... 

Actually, they were purchased as antiques, but the lady of the home doesn't feel that they really are.  But Hitty Jean is certain that this is an antique:

B. Rappe? 

Hitty Jean tried to solve the mystery of B Rappe, but was inconclusive in her search.  The singing bird isn't telling, either:


So, as you can see, babysitting is never boring.  It is more like visiting a museum.  There are antique portraits, figurines, a player piano, swords, books, pottery and china.  It goes on and on.  There are at least 5 dollhouses at this home.  It's true!

Emma Bridgewater Pottery! Swoon! 

Hitty Jean is absorbed in a book about Emma Bridgewater Pottery.  It seems her "tour" is over.  Alas.
Perhaps another day she will babysit again…


5 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty…Babysitting”

  1. Great pictures and a nice cold January adventure for Hitty Jean … indoors. Looking on, we were not bored either.

  2. 5 doll houses to play with-how wonderful-what a lucky girl Hitty Jean is!

  3. Looks as if you and Hitty Jean had a very interesting day. You are right about the Matryoshka’s not being authentic. I was with her when she bought them and we discovered that they are made from new wood. She loved them anyway so kept them. A pretty penny, they were.

  4. Wonderful post. Such a creative idea… makes me want to make little photo books and let K tell the story. What a lovely present for a child, have their favourtie doll, thingie, do all sorts of wonderful things in a photo book for them. I’m excited now… so many things to do!

  5. Love the horses. I have the tiny ones and had planned to put them in my post in about 2 weeks. Ever thought of using the painted designs on the wooden animals as stencils patterns on a wall. Just an idea. Very Scandinavian.

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