Not A Visit With Hitty

Hitty Jean is in horror at the latest developments here.  She has rounded up Miss VanDroo and all the other Hittys, Bittys and Woodens in the house.  They are all perched waaaaaay up high.  Hitty Jean is hoping that she won't meet the fate of some other wooden dolls she's heard tales of.  You know…the ones mistaken for "Chewy Sticks."  Hitty Jean insists she is not coming down from her perch until this new beastie named Zeke stops chewing so much.

Zeke is 75% Lab and 25% Poodle 

::I'm hoping Miss VanDroo can talk her down before then::


4 Responses to “Not A Visit With Hitty”

  1. WHOA Miss Hitty I completely understand! I hope the dog gets over his urge to chew and soon too! LoL! ~Smiles~Tam!

  2. If all the Hittys, Bittys and Woodens line up and face Zeke ‘nose to nose’ he’d probably run a mile. What a sweetie.

  3. He looks so sweet and I am sure that he hasn’t a thought of chewing on a Hitty. However, just in case, be sure to keep them all safe and up high. Watch the shoes and boots too. He has the cutest face.

  4. Oh my – but Zeke is soooo cute!! Tell her to bide her time. They get past that chewing stage about the time they turn one. Only another year …

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