A Visit With Hitty

The twins have disobeyed orders and come down off the high shelf to pose in their matching dresses.  They love their new fine frocks!  ♥

Thanks so much,Kay! It fits perfectly!

::Having put on a brave front for the photograph, Hitty Maris and Hitty Fairlight have now quickly retreated to a very high place::


3 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty”

  1. The girls look so lovely in their new frocks. Perfect dresses for this weather.

  2. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. The girls dresses are very pretty.

  3. They are such sweet hearts! Something your home is soon to be full of as you won my “Sweet Heart” Giveaway. E-mail me (it’s in my profile) with your address and the wee package will be on its way.
    natalie jo

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