Color Love/Puppy Love

My 32 Flavors are knitting up nicely…I'm on my third skein and it is going to be the softest, warmest, most colorful scarf ever:

LOVE this scarf! 

I LOVE the colors:

This isn't a Puppy Blog! 

Oops!  What's THAT picture doing here?!  This isn't a puppy blog!
Here are the colors I was referring to:

Can't wait to wear this! 

But hey, we sure are loving our puppy.  And he isn't as colorful as the 32 Flavors Yarn, but he is just as lovely:

Truly, this isn't a puppy blog!


5 Responses to “Color Love/Puppy Love”

  1. that scarf is knitting up beautifully! keep us posted on your progress. and your puppy is adorable!

  2. The yarn is gorgeous. Hope that you enjoy it. Oh, Zeke is wonderful, too.

  3. That is gorgeous yarn and a sweet puppy. It is funny how suddenly my daughter has been interested in finding a Hitty Doll and sewing little dresses and then your blog comes into my life. Do most people make their own, is there a place to but kits to make one? Of course our dream is to happen upon a lovely old doll like Hitty just waiting for us to take down off the shelf in some dusty old antique shop. My daughter and I sat and looked through your blog after our morning chores and really enjoyed the Theatre Productions. We are in love with your blog and will come back more regularly.

  4. Yum, yum, good enough to eat, I love it (scarf not Zeke…couldn’t/wouldn’t eat that cutie).

  5. I agree, looks yummy, the dog is so cute too! x

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