Zeke under the Moon

I'm out there countless times a day now, with Zeke.  Telling him "Good Boy" as he does his business, hoping he's getting what all the excitement is about.  In the snow, sleet, and balmy forty degrees, no matter the weather, we head out back together in hopes that success will follow.  (Usually it does.)  Even in the earliest hours, when the neighborhood is otherwise asleep, we head out.  Aside from our own footsteps, all we can hear is the drip, drip of the icicles, or the sound of snow or sleet.  Amazing how loud those tiny sounds are when all else is quiet.  So, tonight the sky is clear and the moon is as bright as can be.  I plod out on our well worn path, Dan's Bean Boots on my feet, squeaking away with each step on the hard packed snow.  Zeke is in the lead, unaware of the ungodly hour, fully aware of any sound or smell we encounter.  His head tilts when the ice drips, a new sound to this new soul.  It's dark, but I can see our shadows.  It's frigid, but the stars are bright and I'm grateful for this unexpected diversion.  Soon enough, we'll again be warm and cozy.


4 Responses to “Moonshadow”

  1. I love this post, Martha. Sometimes, we can truly find the most wonderful moments when we least expect them, in the cold, in the dark, in the middle of the night. Happy

  2. There is music in your words. Thank you for the gift.

  3. Rather you than me Martha, Zeke is a lucky little fellow to have such a caring ‘mum’. Sounds a magical experience though, heading out in the snow and makes me think of Robert Frost’s poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ (one of my faves).

  4. Where we live, we have one or two cars pass by during the day, we have no neighbors; it is very quiet, but amazingly even more quiet at night. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk out at night, the silence can be overwhelming. (I just don’t like walking into the barnyard at night, it is so silly but I think something is going to jump out at me any second.) Lovely post.

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