A Visitor…Uh, Oh, It’s A Predator

No birds at the feeder on a cold, cold afternoon.  What's up with that?  I usually have tons of action at my feeders. 
Upon closer inspection, I see this guy:


Well, I suppose if I was a tiny-ish bird, I'd skip the feeder for a while too if I saw a Hawk-Like Character hanging about.


I've done a bit of checking about…Not a Red Tailed Hawk, but perhaps a Cooper's Hawk, but I'm only going by the tail.  And this guy wasn't eyeing the birds.  Definitely, this guy was watching the squirrels.

♥ Birds, come back!  The coast is clear!!


One Response to “A Visitor…Uh, Oh, It’s A Predator”

  1. Oh yes, same thing happens at our feeders… But the awful thing, is when you see the hawk swoop in and take off with a bird in his beak… Eeeeeks 😉
    Sooo, I love your posts below. I enjoyed them beyond thoroughly!! I loved Hitty Babysitting in that lovely house!
    It was a true treat for me to get to visit for a little whil Miss Vandroooooo 😉

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