I’m A Winner!!!

Lookie what I won! 

Thanks, Natalie Jo! 

Isn't that the most adorable patchwork heart??!  I got two in the mail, after winning a draw over at Piccalilli Days.  The packaging was just as creative as the hearts.  I love fun, pretty mail.  ♥

I LOVE the hearts!!! 

I love hearts, too.  If you need some patchwork hearts in your life (or other sweetness), find them here.  You will be so pleased!
The Hittys got something as well.  I gave it to Hitty Jean straightaway, hoping it would cheer her up.  Did it?  Stay tuned…


3 Responses to “I’m A Winner!!!”

  1. I’m so happy your hearts have arrived and to see them already on display. I find myself, however, quite intrigued by the shelf from which they hang! Your mugs are adorable, the pitchers my favorite, and I do believe I spy a now familiar book in the background up there. All in all a lovely arrangement…I am thrilled you have included the “Sweet Hearts” among such treasures!
    Thanks so much for participating in my giveaway and introducing me to the wonderful world of Hitty. I have finished the book and am crazy to acquire a Hitty of my own. The doll in progress on my blog is the Basic Doll Kit by Gail Wilson. I’ve had it for ages but now am determined to complete it, for once I do I have promised myself a special reward! And what would that be? Why that Hitty doll for me of course!!!
    Most Fondly,
    natalie jo
    (ps-Loved the special messages! What fun!)

  2. The patchwork is so sweet – did you get Hitty Jean some dog repellant? I think it’s what she wants more than anything right now. 🙂 Happy

  3. Darling hearts~congrats on winning!!!YaY!~Smiles~Tam!

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