Busy Day…

The girls opened up a *Fruit Shop* during lunch.  They used the bags as hair nets.  It was all I could do not to laugh!


Dan was a customer:


Not so sure that Dassa has much of a future as a server, as this is what her notepad said:

"Nobuty?"  I love inventive spelling.  It's a hoot!
I *bought* some fruit to sustain me as I knit (and knit) the Butterfly Hat:


Pit~Pat went off bowling with some friends…but what's all the ruckus in the kitchen??


Soapmaking??!!  "Daddy said it was okay…"  Sigh.  It was a big mess, but big fun, too:


Why does my kitchen look like a bomb went off?  (More than it normally does, that is…)


We took the pups for a *short walk* at sunset.


Actually, it was a *short run* and Dassa absolutely loved it.  "Can we do that again??"


Ah, Dassa…walking dogs is the Main Event these days!


3 Responses to “Busy Day…”

  1. What a fun day it seems! 🙂

  2. Fantastic hair nets, my granny used to wear them all the time (but not such bright colours more’s the pity). Like the contents in the kitchen, typical man…..who puts it all back???

  3. LOVE the hair nets!!! What mess? It looks *perfectly crafty* to me.;o)

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