A Visit With Hitty…Dark Magic

Hitty Jean feels safe in her *High Place* – safe from the needle-sharp teeth of a certain puppy.  But it's getting a bit boring up there.  After checking that the coast is clear, she decides to pay a visit to the Bakery Elves:

Kookaburra and Birdie Somerville are pleased to have a visitor.  Hitty Jean explains the problem to them.  They agree that having a puppy around is a dangerous situation.  Hitty Jean asks if there is anything they can do to make things safer:


Hitty Jean takes a seat while the two Elves have a discussion.  Their conversation is quite animated, though Hitty Jean doesn't understand a word of Elvish.  They finish their talk and Birdie Somerville leaves:


When Birdie returns, he brings something with him.  Hitty Jean is shocked that he brought back….ummmm….coffee??  Birdie Somerville giggles and explains that although it may look like coffee, it is really Dark Magic.  Hitty Jean is told to return in a week.  Satisfied, she heads back to her *High Place*.


But when she arrives, there is another Hitty there!  This *High Place* could become quite crowded with Hittys if everyone finds out about it.  Hitty Jean hopes this new Hitty is good at keeping secrets:

:: Let's hope they get along ::


6 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty…Dark Magic”

  1. Hitty Frances is so pretty. We are in much Hitty excitement over here, we have gathered with another doll maker and we’ll begin making one when my daughter returns home (from Ann Arbor-in a few weeks).
    The situation with the puppy and the Hittys seems “tres intense”, dark magic may be needed indeed! Bonne chance!

  2. Ooooo she’s beautiful!!!!! I think they will become great friends…they have a name in common…Jean. I love both Hittys!!!! They look great together! Thanks for sharing.:o)

  3. ~Kimberly~ Says:

    Oh Martha…she’s gorgeous! I’m SO happy for you and for her,too because she has found her PERFECT home with you as her Hitty Mom. You’re so sweet and really deserve this oh-so-special Hitty to love. Big hugs and just ENJOY…….

  4. Did you name her Hitty Frances? She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you as I know you have been sinfully coveting Lotz Hittys for quite some time now. You definitely deserve one! The question is…will she replace Hitty Jean as the favorite? So far, I’m not feeling the replacement for Hitty Dauphine. Sophie is cute, but so diminutive…I love Hitty Dauphine’s simplicity and size.
    Erin 🙂

  5. The More the Merrier I say! Enjoy them all!

  6. I soo love your Hitty posts and your new Hitty is gorgeous.

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