The Word Is::Busy

I just don't like being so busy.  I've been overbooked.  Every day an appointment, or a time-sink of an errand, or lots of driving girls around.  It isn't always like that, but it has been lately.  Saturday found us at the mall.  It was the only available time we had to get Tater a dress for a dance that night.  It was also one of the first beautiful Spring days we have had this year.  I couldn't believe we had to go to the mall.  Grrr….  But we did, so we went.  And you know what?  It was crowded beyond belief!!!   Some guy was demo-ing a Wii drum program and parents had their kids plonked in front of him like it was the greatest show on Earth.  I don't get it.  What about the woods?  The backyard?  Bicycles?  Why so many people at the mall?  What the heck is wrong with our culture?

Anyway…we did get a lovely dress for Tater AND her friend who came along to get one too.  They looked adorable and were so nervous and excited to be going to their first *dressy* dance.  All the girls were dressed up.  All the boys were as casual as they could possibly be without wearing jeans and t-shirts.  Pretty funny.  Here's Tater in all her glory:

Tater's First Fancy Dance! 

Pit~Pat and Dassa had to get dressed up too.  It was so cute.  Then Pit~Pat pointed out that they were all dressed up with no place to go.  I laughed and suggested that maybe Daddy could take them on a date.  He did and they were in heaven!  (So was I…home alone for a couple hours!)

The Littles Join In 

Tater and her friend spent the next day in the kitchen baking cupcakes from scratch for their teachers.  How sweet.  My kitchen was a disaster, and it took them hours, but they had fun:

Baking Cupcakes 

At some point this weekend, Dassa got ahold of the camera and took closeups of everyone.  Can you guess who this is?


I also mailed off some knittys to a fellow Hitty friend – but not before Hitty Jean and her new BFF modeled them for me:

Knittys for Hittys 

They had already arrived in California by Monday!  And the recipient was thrilled.  Which is so very nice.  Here's a link to her pictures.  She has gorgeous Hittys.

Now it is Tuesday.  How did that happen?! Another busy day.  We tried to have a Copy Cat Hitty Club meeting, but I was too busy to plan anything, so we went out to lunch.  Some of the Hittys came along and piled into Dassa's *fancy* hat while we ate.  The Hittys have been hurried too:

Hittys in a Hatty 

Outdoors, things are rather busy.  We have Snowdrops, Crocuses, and now the Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils are popping out of the ground.   It never ceases to amaze.

Zeke is also busy.  Growing.  A lot.

In all, things have been much too busy for my comfort and peace of mind.  I was looking forward to Pit~Pat and myself staying at home all day tomorrow.  I had plans for a nice, quiet, unhurried day.  But we have an appointment.


5 Responses to “The Word Is::Busy”

  1. You found a nice dress for Tater. My daughter and I were looking at fancy dresses one day this winter and couldn’t believe how short and low cut they were!
    Your Hitty knitties are very nice too, Amazing.
    I hate to be too busy, it is the nature of this time of year it seems.

  2. The girls look lovely… isn’t it fun to dress up?! It doesn’t happen very often but when it does we think… we should do this ‘just because!’
    And the Hitty knitties are fab… I want a blue poncho like that!

  3. I think Tater looks so very pretty in her new dress, and growing so quickly with her two sister following hot on her heels. What a sweet daddy to take the two ‘left at home girls’ out on a date and what bliss for mom to be home alone. Love the blue Hitty poncho and matching mitts on a cord. I always wanted mitts hanging from my coat sleeves when I was a little kid (its never too late I suppose!)

  4. I know the feeling…where does the day go? You’re so brave to go to the mall on a Saturday. I avoid the mall, if possible, any day!

  5. I thought I was the only one with a schedule spinning way out of control. My little sewing nook is my one get away…unfortunately everyone knows where to find me. I wouldn’t mind at all if they popped in for a visit…unfortunately at these teenage years it’s usually to ask for a ride and often to that dreaded mall! Glad to see your trip there was successful …Tater’s dress is beautiful, even my daughter said so and she knows so much more than me! Not to be left out I must say the Hitty’s look quite lovely in those knittys!

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