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A Visit With Hitty…

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Hitty March and Hitty Jean have searched high and low for any sign of the Bakery Elves.  No one has seen them.  They both agree it is absurd.  Hitty Jean asked the Elves to come up with some way to help her stay safe from the Puppy.  But Hitty Jean and Hitty March are now risking their splinters to search for the Elves.  Alas, with the beautiful Spring weather here, Hitty Jean and Hitty March have been able to play outside, away from the puppy.  They have agreed to suspend their search…for now.

In the meantime, Hitty March has become *obsessed* (Hitty Jean's word) with all things Bécassine.  Imagine Hitty March and Hitty Jean's delight when not one, but two new Bécassine dresses arrived in the mail!  So today, as they wear their dresses, they are taking turns reading from Hitty March's current favorite book about Bécassine.  It's a perfect afternoon for a dolly tea party, too:

Hitty March Can't Get Enough Of Bécassine 
(you can click on the photos for a larger size)

Suddenly, their play is interrupted.  Miss VanDroo sees them and begins to yell.  Apparently, the dresses aren't both for them to keep - one is meant for the Elizabeth Hittys.  Uh, oh…
"And I don't want to see a spot on their dress, or you will both answer to me!" Miss VanDroo shouts.  Then she leaves in a huff:

Hitty March And Hitty Jean! You Can't Have BOTH Dresses! 

And so, Hitty Jean and Hitty March's new friendship has its first test.  What to do?

Hitty March, This Is Our Friendship's First Test... 

Rock, Paper, Scissors???


Busiest Week in Recent Memory

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a "marathon" cookie sale on monday, for tater's troop:




a (sadly) abandoned wren's nest:


garden pet:


can you see the critters living amongst the rocks?


heavy rain = heavy moss


beautiful forest where we babysit:


a park outing with friends:





so much beautiful marble used on this old mansion:



it's even inside:


the girls rolled down the hill over and over…and over again:


zeke's up there too…and the sky was beautiful that day:



magnolias are blooming everywhere.  as i have said before, don't blink!


heavy rains also = fiddleheads:


and buds galore:


a babysitting marathon was mostly spent outside.  perfect:




pit~pat climbed to the top of this tree.  then, to her dismay, she had to climb down:


viloets are in bloom.  that means dassa's standard position is this:



a long awaited dining chair cleaning session took place in the unseasonably warm weather:




monday: successful cookie sale, though we froze

tuesday: an early morning wake up to drive tater to a fun day of math & science, while i explored the amazing city library with the littles - karate fit in there later

wednesday: babysitting, walking and baking

thursday: an outing with friends and more karate

friday: hours and hours of babysitting and then we all crashed - dassa and i in particular ♥

which takes us to today.  "what are we doing today mom??" 

ah, vacation week, you have run me ragged

One Warm Day…

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…and *BANG* the flowers are a-blooming!!





And Again... 

Magnolia! My Fave! 

A New-This-Spring Variety 

::: Here's to an inspired weekend :::

A Visit With Hitty…Mail

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Hitty Jean has a letter!


It is from the Bakery Elves!  They promised Hitty Jean a potion to help with a certain problem, and that was weeks ago!  Hitty Jean wants to read the letter to Hitty March, but it takes a while to find her because the going is slow.  Surely you remember the problem:

Chewer Extraordinaire 

Hitty March is far across the home, otherwise occupied:

New nightie, New toy, New book, Lucky Hitty March 

Hitty Jean finally finds her and shares the letter:


"Overcome?!  North Pole?!" they both exclaim. 
"I'd better go change," says Hitty March.  "We need to search for answers, or we'll never get down from these shelves!"


But where to begin…


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In the woods, the pups are in constant motion.  Whereas we probably walk the equivalent of a couple miles, they at least quadruple that – at full tilt.  Zeke is always first:

Full Speed Ahead! 

Let's look closer.  You can see the glee in his entire being.  If you look even closer, you can see Wee Jaxie bringing up the rear, also at full tilt:


Here he comes:

Here I come!! 

Are his feet even touching the ground?

Wee Jaxie 

They had a ball yesterday.  The best part?  They exhaust themselves.
Our couches and our shoes are grateful for that…

It is Easter today!

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Dassa has been counting the days for what seems like ages – even to me.
In the spirit of all that is Spring, I planted my pansies this past week.  I do think this is my best Springtime windowbox yet:



Also in the spirit of all that is Spring, we have been watching the many, many birds at our feeders.  The Goldfinches are trading in their camouflage-green for their daffodil yellow.  They look like little yellow flowers when they are perched all over the Magnolia tree.  All but one little guy.  This particular Goldfinch seems to carry the gene for Albinism.  Though in the pictures, it appears to have a yellowish head, it is really more of a pale ivory, with pale beige on the wings – normally black on a Goldfinch.  Its underbelly is white, as are its tailfeathers.  Dan teased me that no one would believe such a bird existed, even though the girls and I (and now Dan!) have all seen it.  So I took some pictures.  Blurry, but here they are:


::: Easter magic in our own garden :::

How Lucky We Are…

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…to be able to walk in the woods.  So much conservation land nearby.  It's not that way everywhere, I have found.  I can't imagine life without woods.  As a child, my brothers and I would wander for hours in the woods near our neighborhood.  Even the tiny patch of woods behind our house was a child's paradise.  When I was a young adult and life got too hard, all it took was a walk in the woods to clear my head.  As a mother, I have found that much like the beach, my girls are always happy in the woods.  It is a magical place:

There is a pair of swans in the river next to the entry trail 

The dogs LOVE to run free in the woods 

Dassa always finds treasures to carry 

Tater walks ahead 

Baby Tree 

When we return home, the dogs are happy (and tired – a bonus!)  The girls are happy, I'm happy, Dan's happy.  A perfect escape for the soul.