It is Easter today!

Dassa has been counting the days for what seems like ages – even to me.
In the spirit of all that is Spring, I planted my pansies this past week.  I do think this is my best Springtime windowbox yet:



Also in the spirit of all that is Spring, we have been watching the many, many birds at our feeders.  The Goldfinches are trading in their camouflage-green for their daffodil yellow.  They look like little yellow flowers when they are perched all over the Magnolia tree.  All but one little guy.  This particular Goldfinch seems to carry the gene for Albinism.  Though in the pictures, it appears to have a yellowish head, it is really more of a pale ivory, with pale beige on the wings – normally black on a Goldfinch.  Its underbelly is white, as are its tailfeathers.  Dan teased me that no one would believe such a bird existed, even though the girls and I (and now Dan!) have all seen it.  So I took some pictures.  Blurry, but here they are:


::: Easter magic in our own garden :::


3 Responses to “It is Easter today!”

  1. Easter magic indeed! So lucky to see something so out of the ordinary. My mom had an albino squirrel living in her oak tree. It was too sweet.

  2. Happy Easter!!

  3. Wow – I’ve never seen an albino finch. Very cool.
    And I love your yellow and bluish window box – my favourite colour combination.

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