A Visit With Hitty…Mail

Hitty Jean has a letter!


It is from the Bakery Elves!  They promised Hitty Jean a potion to help with a certain problem, and that was weeks ago!  Hitty Jean wants to read the letter to Hitty March, but it takes a while to find her because the going is slow.  Surely you remember the problem:

Chewer Extraordinaire 

Hitty March is far across the home, otherwise occupied:

New nightie, New toy, New book, Lucky Hitty March 

Hitty Jean finally finds her and shares the letter:


"Overcome?!  North Pole?!" they both exclaim. 
"I'd better go change," says Hitty March.  "We need to search for answers, or we'll never get down from these shelves!"


But where to begin…


One Response to “A Visit With Hitty…Mail”

  1. Where on earth did you find a Hitty doll?! Did you make them? Hitty was one of my favorite books as a child, and is one I’ve had every one of my daughters read when they were about 11.

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