A Visit With Hitty…

Hitty March and Hitty Jean have searched high and low for any sign of the Bakery Elves.  No one has seen them.  They both agree it is absurd.  Hitty Jean asked the Elves to come up with some way to help her stay safe from the Puppy.  But Hitty Jean and Hitty March are now risking their splinters to search for the Elves.  Alas, with the beautiful Spring weather here, Hitty Jean and Hitty March have been able to play outside, away from the puppy.  They have agreed to suspend their search…for now.

In the meantime, Hitty March has become *obsessed* (Hitty Jean's word) with all things Bécassine.  Imagine Hitty March and Hitty Jean's delight when not one, but two new Bécassine dresses arrived in the mail!  So today, as they wear their dresses, they are taking turns reading from Hitty March's current favorite book about Bécassine.  It's a perfect afternoon for a dolly tea party, too:

Hitty March Can't Get Enough Of Bécassine 
(you can click on the photos for a larger size)

Suddenly, their play is interrupted.  Miss VanDroo sees them and begins to yell.  Apparently, the dresses aren't both for them to keep - one is meant for the Elizabeth Hittys.  Uh, oh…
"And I don't want to see a spot on their dress, or you will both answer to me!" Miss VanDroo shouts.  Then she leaves in a huff:

Hitty March And Hitty Jean! You Can't Have BOTH Dresses! 

And so, Hitty Jean and Hitty March's new friendship has its first test.  What to do?

Hitty March, This Is Our Friendship's First Test... 

Rock, Paper, Scissors???


3 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty…”

  1. Linda Bennett Says:

    Who made the dresses with the Becassine fabric, I love it-love Becassine here in Flintstone too/ hugs, Linda

  2. Magickwyrds Says:

    What a wonderful new banner! And love those new dresses- so fresh and green for spring. Naughty girls, though- stealing both! lol

  3. I love their little dresses! i had a weird dream about Becassine the other day (!?why?!). I think I need some of that fabric.

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