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A Visit With Hitty…Trouble and Help

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Miss VanDroo is a bit fed up with Hitty Jean and Hitty March.  Such foolishness about staying on high shelves, and now they are behind glass.   All because of the arrival of one silly puppy.  Well.
Miss VanDroo has asked an old friend if she would perhaps come stay at the Hitty Townhouse to help straighten out all this nonsense.  She is expected to arrive today!  Miss VanDroo prepares herself a cup of tea before starting her housework:

Living in a china cabinet. Honestly, such nonsense! 

As she is sipping away, she reflects on the trouble with dogs.  Why, she's had Bijoux for a while now, and Bijoux has never been a problem:

Bijoux never chews anything. Or does she? 

As she tidys the parlor, she realizes that there are often books left on the floor, and Bijoux has never chewed one.  Not ever.  Nor has she gnawed on the wooden shoes, or shredded a pillow:

She never chews on books. She never gnaws on wood... 

But when Miss VanDroo goes up to tidy the bedroom, she finds something that causes her sap to run cold.  Could Hitty Jean and Hitty March's concerns be justified?  Maybe a Bitty pulled the head off of this bear?  Or perhaps it was an old teddy bear that simple wore out?  She places the bear body on a chair and heads down to the parlor to await her visitor:

Beheaded!!! ??? 

Hmmmm…good thing she didn't see this:

Who? Me?! 

Miss VanDroo closes her eyes to rest.  It is sure to be a busy day.   When she opens her eyes, she is shocked at what she sees.  Oh, no!

Bijoux!! Bijoux?!? 

Caught in the act!

Who? Me?! 

Miss VanDroo has no time to deal with this new development.  Her Visitor has arrived!  Bécassine is an old friend from childhood.  They greet each other warmly.  Miss VanDroo tells Bécassine about Bijoux's sudden destructive behavior.  Then Miss VanDroo dashes off to the the kitchen to fetch some tea: 

Bienvenue, Bécassine! 

Finding herself alone, Bécassine sits down.  She waits in stunned silence:


I do hope she isn't getting in over her head!


How Nice…

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…that Pit~Pat and I planted our garden a couple days ago…


…and Mother Nature has been gently watering it ever since.


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Tater fell in love with a tree.  I looked at the price.  "Tater, that's $144.98.  You don't just buy a tree for that much money."  Tater looked at the price.  "Mom, it's $44.98."  Tater grabbed hold of the tree's trunk and wouldn't let go.  We got the tree. 


Now, Tater doesn't ask for much.  Unlike her sisters, she doesn't particularly care for shopping.  When she asks for something, it is almost always reasonable.  The Birch Tree threw me.  But as I said, she rarely asks for anything, so the tree came home, with Tater proudly holding onto its trunk the whole way.  She named the tree Birchy.   And unbeknownst to me…Pumpkin was still waiting for her final resting place.  (Eew…I know…but that's Dan for you.)  Now, beneath the roots of Birchy lies sweet little Pumpkin.  Perfect.

Rest in Peace, Little Pumpkin 

I'm so glad Tater has Birchy to remind her of the best hamster ever ♥

Three Girls

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I have spent most of today outside and, as a result, pondering the beauty of this amazing day:



When I ponder beauty in nature, it usually leads me to think of my girls.  Three beauties in nature…
Take Tater…Life is good for Tater.  Successful in school, friends with the nicest group of girls, kind, reponsible.  She had a Karate Tournament last Sunday:

She's a blurr when she's doing her forms, and impossible to photograph (with my current camera).  She took third in sparring – she's the second from the right here:


Tater was named one of the two Standard Bearers for her school next year.  It is an honor given by her teachers.  She and the other Standard Bearer will raise and lower the flag each day.  There she is below…during the ceremony last Wednesday:

And do you know – our town is the only town in the country to have a program like this.  I think that needs to change!  This is the 85th year this program has run.  Tater had quite a cheering committee in the audience:


Admittedly, the refreshments afterwards were the highlight for some:


Though the highlight also could have been all the Patriotic songs we sang on the way to the ceremony.  Boy, was that one loud car!  Tater is already helping the current 8th Grade Standard Bearers to raise and lower the flag.  That's my girl!
Ah…then there's Pit~Pat:


Did I really try to fool myself into thinking that the age difference between her and her youngest sister meant that Pitter would NOT be a "Middle" child?  Alas…not so.  She is a classic.  "It's not fair!!!" is Pit~Pat's favorite expression.  Pitter is obsessed with dogs.  And Rhubarb.  Huh?  Rhubarb?  Really?  Yup.  Yesterday, we made a pie together:


And she LIKED it!!!


Usually, these things end up with a "Not Tasty" verdict, and a puddle of Pit~Pat on the floor.  Boy Howdy was I thrilled that she loves Rhubarb as much as she thought she did!  With Pit~Pat around, life is always interesting.  I love my little Pitter.  ♥
Oh, and my Dassa.  In the middle of everything.  Loud.  Silly.  Competent beyond her years, yet still my baby.  This child is going to give me a run for my money!  (Yes, I'm sure I've said that before!)  Dassa cut her own hair a few weeks ago (thus the shorter 'do') and then tried to tape it back on so I wouldn't notice.  She may have gotten away with it, too, if I hadn't tried to brush her hair.  Silly girl!


Dassa learned to read in Kindergarten this year.  She loves her newfound skill:


Still, even though she can read to herself now, you're never too old to be read to.  Thank goodness.  This afternoon, we spent a good hour reading on the front porch.  Then, suddenly, Dassa just had to make a pinecone birdfeeder!!!


Boy, is she pleased with herself.  She doesn't want to miss her first "customer":


Ah, the wonders of Nature…the wonders who are my three girls…it's all lovely.



Little Mommas ~ Garden Color

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The little Mommas have taken to the outdoors, now that the weather is so lovely.  Look at how green everything is!

Little Mommas 

That Momma in the front sure is bossy…check out that little wee hand.  She's a diva, I tell you:

Bossy Momma 

The outdoors isn't just green, though greens are everywhere.  There is all variety of color in the garden:

Garden Color

More Garden Color 

I'm planning on adding more:

Kimberly...I'm almost done!! 

As soon as I finish some Hitty knitting…

A Love of Books…

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As I sit here, pondering this post, I realize that much of what has been going on here lately has been about books, because of books, inspired by books…

Tater getting her book signed 

Rick Riordan

Last night Tater and her friends went to hear Rick Riordan speak.  They were so excited.  So very excited.  There was squealing and screeching.  He was an inspiring and entertaining speaker.  The turnout was twice what had been anticipated.  Tater is thrilled with her personalized, signed book.   This guy was clever with the names, too.  All four of the girls (Tater included) have somewhat unusual names – he got them all correct.  He even pronounced Pitter's name correctly!   (Pitter didn't get to go, but of course I had him sign a book for her.)  But I digress…

Hitty drawn by Dorothy Lathrop 

Ah, now there's an illustration from some fine literature.  Beloved Hitty.  There is such a brouha-ha over the Lotz Hitty on Ebay right now.  It is so very exciting.  Jean Lotz is one of my favorite carvers of Hitty, and she has stopped carving.  Alas, her Hittys are few and far between these days, so when one becomes available, it is a hot topic amongst all the Hittygirls out there.  I'll be watching - not bidding.

Hitty drawn by me 

I was going to try my hand at watercolors this morning.  That didn't happen, but this drawing (above) did.

♥  All for the love of books ♥

♪ In the Month of May ♫

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We are…

Creating (unsuccessfully…phew!) inchworm habitats:

Pitter really wants to see them turn to moths...I don't 

Protecting this year's baby bunny from the neighborhood cats:

Pixely, but way too cute not to share... 

Setting up and playing/sleeping in the ginormous tent – in our living room:

It's a pain in the XXX having this thing in the house! But the girls LOVE it. 

Trying to keep Puppy~Baby from wreaking havoc on our world:

Don't let his sweet looks fool you - pure trouble, he is! 

Knitting stuff:

Kimberly, I hope you like these! Sorry they aren't brown!