At The Local Library, There Was A May Day Celebration

So off we went!  It was pleasantly and unexpectedly uncrowded.  My silly Dassa got into the crafts right away and with great enthusiasm:

May Girl 

Tater was selective about her color choices:


And like her Momma, knows what she likes the minute she sees it:

Yes, this is it. 

That's Pitter up there in the right hand corner, she takes her crafting very  seriously.

Then, outside for the Maypole!  The Spring greens are beautiful, aren't they?  Tater ended up giving her ribbon to the little girl there in pink (Tater is such a kind soul…)  She was happy just to watch as Dassa, Pitter and their friend, T, went around and around.  That's them, backs to the camera:


Dassa enjoyed herself.  She had never done this before.  (!!)

May Girl around the May Pole 

I do believe her favorite part was the shaking.  Her expressions were precious.  I didn't capture them well, but they are in my memories, which is as good:

Dassa loved this part! 

Pitter?  Well, I stopped trying to photograph her.  When she gets in a mood?  Forget it.  (Remember this?)  Let's just call her *Pitter McGrumpypants* and move along, shall we?

Pitter McGrumpypants 

Here's a smiley-er one!  Nice hat, Pitter!

Pitter with N

In other news, tommorow, Dassa turns SIX!!!


2 Responses to “At The Local Library, There Was A May Day Celebration”

  1. Looks as if you had a fun day.
    Happy Birthday to our little six year old. She is so cute and happy.

  2. What sweet photos ;o)) Thanks for sharing the fun ;o)

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