Little Mommas ~ Garden Color

The little Mommas have taken to the outdoors, now that the weather is so lovely.  Look at how green everything is!

Little Mommas 

That Momma in the front sure is bossy…check out that little wee hand.  She's a diva, I tell you:

Bossy Momma 

The outdoors isn't just green, though greens are everywhere.  There is all variety of color in the garden:

Garden Color

More Garden Color 

I'm planning on adding more:

Kimberly...I'm almost done!! 

As soon as I finish some Hitty knitting…


3 Responses to “Little Mommas ~ Garden Color”

  1. Beautiful flowers.
    You can tell that those girls are going to be great mommas. They seem too have the right body language for it already. I love Pit-Pat’s smile and Dassa’s hand.

  2. You have such great colors in your garden so early in the season. Whatever are those tiny yellow flowers and are those white bleeding hearts I see hanging over them? Lovely!

  3. She smiled for the camera! What lovely girls playing with their dolls, I surely miss the days of hearing little chatter of little mothers playing with dolls.

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