Tater fell in love with a tree.  I looked at the price.  "Tater, that's $144.98.  You don't just buy a tree for that much money."  Tater looked at the price.  "Mom, it's $44.98."  Tater grabbed hold of the tree's trunk and wouldn't let go.  We got the tree. 


Now, Tater doesn't ask for much.  Unlike her sisters, she doesn't particularly care for shopping.  When she asks for something, it is almost always reasonable.  The Birch Tree threw me.  But as I said, she rarely asks for anything, so the tree came home, with Tater proudly holding onto its trunk the whole way.  She named the tree Birchy.   And unbeknownst to me…Pumpkin was still waiting for her final resting place.  (Eew…I know…but that's Dan for you.)  Now, beneath the roots of Birchy lies sweet little Pumpkin.  Perfect.

Rest in Peace, Little Pumpkin 

I'm so glad Tater has Birchy to remind her of the best hamster ever ♥


2 Responses to ““Birchy””

  1. That is SO sweet! Funny how things have a way of falling into place, working out to form a beautiful whole… just lovely!

  2. Well done Tater, just my sort of girl, we are tree-aholics here at Flutterby Patch. Great that Pumkin has a new friend to chat to.

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