A Visit With Hitty…Trouble and Help

Miss VanDroo is a bit fed up with Hitty Jean and Hitty March.  Such foolishness about staying on high shelves, and now they are behind glass.   All because of the arrival of one silly puppy.  Well.
Miss VanDroo has asked an old friend if she would perhaps come stay at the Hitty Townhouse to help straighten out all this nonsense.  She is expected to arrive today!  Miss VanDroo prepares herself a cup of tea before starting her housework:

Living in a china cabinet. Honestly, such nonsense! 

As she is sipping away, she reflects on the trouble with dogs.  Why, she's had Bijoux for a while now, and Bijoux has never been a problem:

Bijoux never chews anything. Or does she? 

As she tidys the parlor, she realizes that there are often books left on the floor, and Bijoux has never chewed one.  Not ever.  Nor has she gnawed on the wooden shoes, or shredded a pillow:

She never chews on books. She never gnaws on wood... 

But when Miss VanDroo goes up to tidy the bedroom, she finds something that causes her sap to run cold.  Could Hitty Jean and Hitty March's concerns be justified?  Maybe a Bitty pulled the head off of this bear?  Or perhaps it was an old teddy bear that simple wore out?  She places the bear body on a chair and heads down to the parlor to await her visitor:

Beheaded!!! ??? 

Hmmmm…good thing she didn't see this:

Who? Me?! 

Miss VanDroo closes her eyes to rest.  It is sure to be a busy day.   When she opens her eyes, she is shocked at what she sees.  Oh, no!

Bijoux!! Bijoux?!? 

Caught in the act!

Who? Me?! 

Miss VanDroo has no time to deal with this new development.  Her Visitor has arrived!  Bécassine is an old friend from childhood.  They greet each other warmly.  Miss VanDroo tells Bécassine about Bijoux's sudden destructive behavior.  Then Miss VanDroo dashes off to the the kitchen to fetch some tea: 

Bienvenue, Bécassine! 

Finding herself alone, Bécassine sits down.  She waits in stunned silence:


I do hope she isn't getting in over her head!


2 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty…Trouble and Help”

  1. Naughty Bijoux!
    I’m wondering how Bécassine will solve the problem.
    Great story!

  2. Martha, Did you get a Judy Brown Becassine? I am so very jealous. I couldn’t afford one but I oh-so-badly wanted one!
    Erin 🙂

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