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The Beautiful Dark Queen and Her Ladies In Waiting

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All Monarchs wear a beautiful golden crown, yes?  She is a beautiful, kind and loving Queen…and she makes sure that each Lady in Waiting has a golden tiara as well. 


Soon, she will leave the safety of the castle to seek adventure.  She's showing signs that she is almost ready:


Her Ladies in Waiting are a bit behind:


I'm sure they'll catch up.


One (Oh!) Two

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Happy Birthday To You! 

Born in 1907…the year that the guards of the Irish Crown Jewels discovered they had been stolen…Both John Wayne and Rachel Carson were born in 1907–Frida Kahlo, too!  And so was GG.  ♥

GG with her three Great & Grand Daughters 

Today, GG celebrated her 102nd birthday.  Imagine!

How I Find Her

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Clam Chowder for Lunch! 

More often than not, tackling a good book.

Thanks, June!

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She still can't swim, but she's a darned good splasher! 

newly made table quilt with the first zinnias 

*We enjoyed our sunny-ish day*

Dear June,

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Zeke would really like to play outside.  Without getting muddy and needing a (groan) bath afterwards:

Rain, rain, go away! 

I think things are wet enough for the time being.  June, surely you agree?  Yes?



(Hey…if you click on the photo above, you can see it full size – it's pretty cool!!)

Happy Zinnias, I Love You!

But June, though the Zinnias are doing splendidly, would it be too much to ask for just a touch of sunshine?  There are only five days of you left.   And I'm tired of muddy dogs..

Yours Truly,


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Summer Vacation…what does it hold for us?

Hanging the Chrysalis 

We have some delicate lives to watch over for the next few days.  What little works of art they are.  Where did they get the gold paint, anyway?!?

Thing of Beauty 

All Around Me…

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So close! 

I can hear the Baltimore Orioles!  It's amazing.  They are nesting in the tree next to our house.  And in the tree behind our house.  But even more amazing is the fact that I dicovered they are also nesting in the tree in front of our house!! 
There's a window in the attic that is pretty close to their nest.  Whee!  Photo op!  Except 30 minutes later, all I have are some pretty pictures of leaves and a sore neck.

Yet so far... 

Oh – and shattered nerves.  Did I mention I'm terrified of heights? 

Three Stories Up! EEEK! 

'Tis a looooong way down.