All Around Me…

So close! 

I can hear the Baltimore Orioles!  It's amazing.  They are nesting in the tree next to our house.  And in the tree behind our house.  But even more amazing is the fact that I dicovered they are also nesting in the tree in front of our house!! 
There's a window in the attic that is pretty close to their nest.  Whee!  Photo op!  Except 30 minutes later, all I have are some pretty pictures of leaves and a sore neck.

Yet so far... 

Oh – and shattered nerves.  Did I mention I'm terrified of heights? 

Three Stories Up! EEEK! 

'Tis a looooong way down.


One Response to “All Around Me…”

  1. We have orioles nesting in our treehouse tree, I don’t here them as much as I did a few weeks ago )they were probably doing the mating thing). I found one of their nests blown down from a storm.
    (That is a long way down)…glad to see you got your camera back!

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