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A Visit With Hitty…A Guest AND Bécassine!

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A letter comes from Hitty Jean:
Hitty March,
I'm in the Blue Unit with Hitty Callie, Alida, Rose, and Riley.  We are the best unit, of course.  Yesterday we went on a hike and Alida got in trouble for climbing up this huge rock.  I didn't get into trouble.  I miss you – even that dog. 
Love, Hitty Jean

And Hitty March's reply:
Dear Hitty Jean,
We miss you here.  I'm so glad you didn't get into trouble.  Please behave!  Sounds like you are having fun.
We have company and I have to entertain.  Miss VanDroo says there is someone she would like me to meet also, but that hasn't happened…I wonder who it is?
Hitty March

*****   *****   *****

Today was the day!  Miss VanDroo told Hitty March to meet her at the Elizabeth Hitty's House.  Miss VanDroo has a new friend for Hitty March to meet.  Hitty March can't imagine who it could be.   Hitty March also has a visitor, Little TCV, who is visiting until the GRAND CHALLENGE ends.  It has been a very trying time for Hitty March.  All she wants to do is read about Bécassine.  Little TCV wants to play
Being a compliant and polite Hitty, Hitty March takes Little TCV off to the Elizabeth Hitty's house.  No one seems to be around, so they find a nice spot and…

Little TCV pleads with Hitty March, "Please, couldn't we do something else?  Have a picnic with our dollies?"  How could Hitty March resist such a sweet request?
"Let's go to the kitchen and see what we can drum up," says Hitty March.  But oh, dear.  When they walk into the kitchen, who should be there, but Bécassine!!!  Poor Bécassine is scared to bits by Hitty March's shrieking:
And then of course, Hitty March, being the delicate sort, goes into a swoon of the most dramatic variety:
Later, after Hitty March regains her composure and has freshened up a bit, she is properly introduced to Bécassine.  Hitty March and Bécassine are planning to bake cupcakes for Little TCV's picnic.  When Bécassine asks Hitty March to get a mixing bowl, why that Hitty March simply dumps the utensils out of their crock and exclaims, "Here's a bowl!"  Bécassine tries to explain to Hitty March why they cannot make cupcake batter in a crock, but Hitty March doesn't seem to understand.  Bécassine gives up.  She sends Hitty March off to put on a proper picnic frock while she finds some picnic treats.
Hitty March and Little TCV are all set.  They have their dollies and their tea set.  Bécassine gives them some candies and apples:
They search for the perfect spot:
It is a wonderful picnic.  Little TCV and Hitty March are really enjoying themselves:
The dollies are, too:
Little TCV decides to have an apple before she starts on the candy.  What a good girl:
Hitty March is so happy.  She is having a wonderful time with Little TCV.  But best of all, she met Bécassine today!!  And Bécassine has come to live with Miss VanDroo and all the Hittys!  (Wait 'til Hitty Jean hears about this!!)


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Peach Pie 

Seems to me that if it stays this cold, we'll be making lots of Peach Pies this summer.  I find it the perfect way to warm things up a bit.

A Visit with Hitty…at CAMP!

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Hitty Jean has traveled to Richmond to attend Camp Wanna Do with some other Hitty Friends…what fun!  I hear she has made new friends already, including Hitty Callie from California.  Here she is at the meet and greet:

Look, everyone - it's Hitty Jean! 

And with her new friend, Hitty Callie:

And in her new (beautiful!) camp uniform:

Hitty Jean in her Camp Wanna Do Uniform

The link to the camp is private for now…I’ll be sure to post it when camp is over, so all can see what fun Hitty Jean had! Thanks, Happy, for sharing these pictures.  ♥


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It's hot enough for this:

Little Girl Screaming! 

And this:

Green is her Favorite 


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The chairs are still there…


After weeks of asking (begging?) for a bench by the pond, Dassa and I took matters into our own hands a few evenings ago.
We sat and chatted about frogs and life for a while, until the frogs decided it was time to croak.  We erupted into giggle fits as we tried to imitate their banjo-pluck sound.  Decidedly, neither of us sounds like a frog.
Dassa was so cute that day, she kept catching me gazing at her, trying to remember her as she is now.
We remained surprisingly, amazingly uninterupted until Dan pulled up with these:


Not the bench we were hoping for, but that's okay.

Snippets from a Couple of Summer Days…

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Sweet Zeke




Knitting Poolside 


Zeke and Splash 

Will you please push me?? 

Oops!  Someone wants a "Starter Push."  Better run!

Pit~Pat is Eleven!

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Mother Nature really came through with the beautiful weather she ordered, complete with moon:

High in the sky I saw the moon,
Pale as a ghost in the afternoon.
-Shirley Hughes

After a lovely breakfast out with Pawbs, Pitter wanted "One of those sodas with the Marbles."  I never say yes (I'm one of the meanest moms, you know…) but on birthdays, yes is the word!  So off we went:


Those marbles are subject of much contemplation:

How do we get it out?! 

Pitter had many theories on why the marble is there anyway…

It's my birthday, so what I say goes! 

Dinner found us at Pitter's favorite restaurant, along with Pawbs and Bopp.  Lots of food, some swimming, a tiny bit of shopping, favorite restaurants and a birthday cake just for the Birthday Girl.
It was a lovely day.
Happy Birthday, Pit~Pat!!! ♥