Tater spent the past week staying with her Pawbee while she attended a Math and Science Camp.  All kinds of cool stuff was explored.  Colors, bridges, Barbie bungee jumping (seriously!) and robotics.  Every day, teams of four would spend an hour or so building and then programming their robots to run an obstacle course.  At the end of the week, families came to watch the competition.  Here's Tater and her teammate, holding their robot:


The obstacle course was pretty involoved.  If you want the details (hi, dad!) you can click on the photo to make it larger (and thus easier to read…)


Might I add that Tater's team was the only one who's robot made the entire course on the first try?  No…that would be bragging…


I'm not really sure I knew what I was watching when Tater's team sent their robot through the course.  They were first, and their robot made it seem easy.  On reflection, they had programmed it as close to perfect as I can imagine is possible.  Pretty impressive.


Was I just bragging?  Oops…I'm sorry…


They missed first place by one point, thus relinquishing the coveted plastic trophies.

I had no idea how big this robotics thing is – as a hobby.  Lego makes the one used here – it looks addicting to me.

And just because those indoor shots above are so…un-pretty (Not you Tater, the photographs, dearie)…here's a picture of Froggy McGrumpypants taken this morning:


Hmmmm…not so pretty either you say?  How about something sweet?




4 Responses to “Robotics”

  1. Man alive, that is so cool…to make a robot.
    PS Your dog is adorable!

  2. Barbie Bungee Jumping! Well if that doesn’t get them interested nothing will.

  3. I was so happy to have you stay with me for the week while you went to camp. Second place was excellent in the Robotic Competition–you did deserve a trophy.
    Zeke is very cute!

  4. Second place is fantastic! My oldest son has been involved with the whole FLL/Robotics thing for years now and loves it. I know from watching him what a challenge it is to get through the obstacle course, especially on the first try! Great job Tater! Now this year my son’s group has teamed up with 4-H and will be moving on to bigger robots soon. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll make me one to clean my house!

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