It's hazy, hot and humid.  The dreaded "Three H's."  Not much happens here when it gets like this.  Hopefully, my next house will have central air.  Or a pool?  A lake, even…  Wouldn't that be divine!!?!!  Perhaps I could move seriously North.  That would be nice, too!  At any rate, the "Three H's" and I don't get along well…


2 Responses to “Wilting…”

  1. When we left, my impatiens were looking wilty like this as well. I am sure they are on their way to dead now. Here is to wishing you a breath of cool air or a little refreshing water!
    Erin 🙂

  2. Julie Old Crow Says:

    yeah–it’s that time of year. Of course, for us summer didn’t come until the 2nd week of August this year, so the foliage was lush and full–and then when it did get hot, it couldn’t cope.
    Julie Old crow

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