A Visit With Hitty…Fraud Uncovered

Hitty March is getting restless, what with all this proper parlor sitting that's been going on.  "It's a great day to go exploring along the dry river bed, don't you think?"


Hitty Jean agrees, so off they go…but no sooner are they there than Hitty March is distracted by a voice coming from under the old Hydrangea bush:


Some spying is in order.  She climbs up into the bush, as high as she dares (which is pretty high!) and peers down:


And this is what she sees:


"Why, aren't those the Bakery Elves??!  I thought they were lost at the North Pole!  Hitty Jean has been worried sick over them…sort of…I think."
Hitty March climbs down to tell Hitty Jean what she has discovered.  "There is another Hitty under there, and she is telling stories to – Get this!!!  You'll never believe it!!  The Bakery Elves!!"

Hitty Jean isn't in the mood for spying.  She merely busts in on the lovely storytelling session and starts screaming.  Which frightens the dear sweet elves and the Hitty.


"Poor dears.  Let me clear this up," says the new Hitty.  "You Elves run along home now."  The Bakery Elves are shaken, and feel they should explain themselves.  But Hitty Jean is looking pretty ticked, so they decide to  hurry home:


Well, the Hittys have a lot to discuss.  Turns out the Bakery Elves were just joking about the Dark Magic, and when they found out that Hitty Jean was actually serious, they were afraid she would be angry, so they decided to trick her into believing that they were stuck at the North Pole.
"I believed it, too!" exclaims Hitty Jean.  "Why didn't they come to us and explain their fraudulent behavior sooner?"  Well Hitty Zee (for that is the new Hitty's name) explains it all.  It turns out she is a wonderful storyteller, and by days end, Hitty Jean, Hitty March and Hitty Zee are all great friends:


Hitty Jean will deal with the Elves another day…


4 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty…Fraud Uncovered”

  1. Valerie Williams Says:

    How fun – thanks for sharing!!!
    Valerie, Mary Elizabeth and the Oak Park Hitties!

  2. I love that material with the little pink and yellow roses. Perfection! Thank you for the stories.

  3. A new BIRCH Judy Brown?!!!
    I have to tell you that everyone at our NorCal get-together was envying me for living so close to you. We really should plan a get together half way between us sometime soon!
    Erin 🙂

  4. I just LOVE your new Judy Brown Hitty !!! Hitty Zee is just tooooo cute for words!!!! ;o)))))

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