Imagine my excitement when I saw the above in amongst my Morning Glories yesterday.  Could it really be that I had finally raised some *easy to grow* Moonflowers!?!  Come late afternoon, the verdict was a resounding *YES!*


It was sooooo exciting!  This flower is bigger than my open hand and it bloomed all afternoon, into the evening and through the night.  As a matter of fact it is only begining to fade this morning.  I can't find any more Moonflower buds – yet – but that's okay.  I enjoyed this one immensely.





3 Responses to “Moonflower”

  1. It is gorgeous, I have been dreaming about having a moon garden for years after seeing some designs in an herb book…moon flowers on a trellis as centerpiece…sigh…

  2. Be of good cheer, Martha – they are easy to grow, just long in arriving and well worth the wait. Check outside late in the evening to see what wonderful pollinators have stopped by to tipple in your beautiful Moonflowers. We grow them here as well!

  3. Julie Old Crow Says:

    Beautiful! I’ve only seen these in one other garden, and have always thought they were so gorgeous. Congrats!!
    Julie Old Crow

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