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Pumpkin Patch

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*Wildlife Rescue*

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A young Spotted Salamander


Found in the skimmer of Pawbee and Boppa's swimming pool this afternoon.
Oohed and aahed over by three little girls, then released back into the woods.
I love its little foot.  And did you know these critters can live for up to twenty years?!

Good Morning, Glory

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taken this morning, 9:42am

Another Ride ‘Round The Sun ♥

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Happy Birthday Dad, Mémé, Dan!  Oh, and me too!
Four birthdays in five days…it's a lot of celebrating.  (A lot of candles.)  And though we haven't properly celebrated Mémé's birthday -yet- I can honestly say that I have had enough birthday cake and birthday pie to last me…ummm…how 'bout another year?!


Sounds about right…

Big, Beautiful Weekend Part 2

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We *harvested* our veggies this weekend:


Yep, that's it.  So much rain this summer.  Some things thrived, but our little garden, so carefully planned and lovingly planted, was not one of them.  We made the freshest mashed potatoes ever yesterday.  Yum.
Our celebration ended up differently than planned as well.  We sang *Happy Birthday* by a pond in the woods instead of on our high rock.  The cake was decorated by the girls:


Mother Nature contributed the party decorations:


On the way out, we were seriously burning daylight.  Two littles with overactive imaginations were almost hysterical by the time we made it back to the car.  Poor dears.


They want flashlights next time…

Big, Beautiful Weekend

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Saturday began with Big, Beautiful Muffins, baked with Tater's help.  They were big.  Indeed, they were beautiful:


(yummy, too…)

There was a Birthday Celebration at my parents' house last night:


Now, Sunday's breakfast dishes are cleared away.  The girls are happily painting together.  Today calls for a hike to a special rock in the woods.  'Tis the perfect spot for a family celebration, complete with a view of the "Big City."  There, Dan and I will blow our candles out together (likely with help from three girls.)


Well Knock Me Down With A Feather, Why Don’t You??!!

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Conversation Thursday Night:

Pit~Pat (to Dassa): We have to go to sleep so we can go to school tomorrow!

Me: It sounds like you're saying that's a good thing!  (Wow!)

Pit~Pat:  It is a good thing.  My school is awesome!

Me: (faint…)

Her school really is a special place.  So, so pleased she is noticing!  ♥