Two Excited Girls

Tater and Dassa are oh, so ready for a new year.

Tater begins her first day of Eighth Grade today…her last year in Middle School:


Dassa begins her first day of First Grade…with a wonderful teacher we know and love:


In other news, Pitter had her first day with the carpool and Holy Cow!  She went happily!!


4 Responses to “Two Excited Girls”

  1. Julie Old Crow Says:

    awww!!! How can they be so BIG??? What sweeties.
    Julie Old Crow

  2. First day of school – so exciting!! I love the grins.
    Glad to hear that things are going better for Pitter.

  3. Great that Dassa knows and loves her teacher, it makes such a difference. Hope she hasn’t got your camera hidden in that large bag. Tater looks the perfect little lady but I bet she’s ready to battle with anyone who annoys her!! I have one like that!

  4. Two lovely girls on the first day of school. How lovely to see such smiles. Have a wounderful year.
    Lots of love, Pawbee

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