Getting Ready…

Well hello there!


Copycat Hitty Club met today.  We are still only two members strong but we are still a club, right?   Well, we think so!!  Today's mission was to choose what the Hittys will wear to the upcoming Hitty Retreat.  Hitty Marcheline snagged the awesome outfit above from the Elizabeth Hittys…sadly, it is only on loan.  (I believe a visit to Gail Wilson's online store is desperately needed.)


Pawbee completed an entire shawl today!  I worked on my retreat helpers, and actually completed two more.   I also tried punchneedle (a flop) and practiced my French Knots for another project (flop #2).   Pawbs really wanted to knit, so she opted out of the punchneedle debacle.  Smart lady, my mother is… 

So…Hitty Club is a success!  We just need to work on our membership…


3 Responses to “Getting Ready…”

  1. Julie Old Crow Says:

    I just had a brilliant idea! I can be an ‘at-large’ member of the Copycat Hitty Club! Are there dues? Will I have to pass an initiation? How cool will this be!
    Julie Old Crow
    who is looking SO forward to seeing you guys again at the Retreat!

  2. We are still waiting to make our first Hitty. We have a kit from Gail Wilson (not wood but still beautiful) and we are just waiting for the weather to change so we can sit for days to make her.

  3. What a perfect choice for a dress!
    I think that when you choose to reply now on typepad, your reply both shows beneath the message you are replying to AND is sent to the recipients email. Tollipop replied to me on her blog yesterday and that is what happened.
    Of course, I don’t see a reply option under your these comments…so perhaps I don’t know what I am talking about.
    Erin 🙂

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