Daisy, Daisy…

What's with all the friendship bracelets kids are wearing?  Have I missed something?  Does no one else think they are kind of…well….eeew??!  Sure, they are cool to make, but… I digress.   My more meaningful (?) thoughts this morning are reflecting on the first Daisy Scout meeting of the year.  Yes, we made bracelets…Daisy bracelets, in fact.  Which is how I discovered the state of the nations's six year old arms:


The meeting went well.  In fact, the other two leaders got plenty of compliments and even hugs from other mothers…I got curious looks.  As in…"Who are you?"  It was funny, if not disturbing.  'Twas a strange day, anyway, and I am fully blaming the phase of the Moon…Completely New.  Just as powerful as that Full Moon can be.  And maybe I could be a bit more social and try to get to know the other parents a bit better?  Maybe my troubles stem from my poor opinion of all those friendship bracelets?  Maybe…See, it isn't just Pit~Pat who is shy.  Ahem. 


Dassa, who is decidedly not shy, took the photo above.  She saw me with my trusty camera and that was it for my photography.  Rather than risk another photographer's duel, the rest of the meeting was recorded by her. 

Ah, the nature of humans.  A friend of mine spoke on human behavior in an email just yesterday.  What she said ran through my head all day.  I found it to be incredibly helpful:

"We just spin ourselves into loops when we try to understand such things."  tcv


2 Responses to “Daisy, Daisy…”

  1. I love the screen shot!
    I used to wear friendship bracelets like that when I was a young hippie type in college, but we called our version “toe bracelets” on account of having to use your toe to weave them. When they were fresh and new, I loved the many splendiforous colors, when they got faded and frayed, I loved them for their “history.” I must agree though, I don’t think I’d wear them now.
    Erin 🙂

  2. Glad someone else is perplexed by the popularity of the scruffy bits of stuff kids wear around their wrists these days. I also see loads of outdoorsy men wearing them and as the wearers are often gardeners, archeologists and similar the bracelets are the colour of mud. Yuk! Hubby once thought he’d like one but I soon knocked that idea on the head. Can’t see the point of them but as you say they might be fun to make (for a while).

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