Big, Beautiful Weekend Part 2

We *harvested* our veggies this weekend:


Yep, that's it.  So much rain this summer.  Some things thrived, but our little garden, so carefully planned and lovingly planted, was not one of them.  We made the freshest mashed potatoes ever yesterday.  Yum.
Our celebration ended up differently than planned as well.  We sang *Happy Birthday* by a pond in the woods instead of on our high rock.  The cake was decorated by the girls:


Mother Nature contributed the party decorations:


On the way out, we were seriously burning daylight.  Two littles with overactive imaginations were almost hysterical by the time we made it back to the car.  Poor dears.


They want flashlights next time…


7 Responses to “Big, Beautiful Weekend Part 2”

  1. Julie Old Crow Says:

    lovely photos–the sunset is my favorite. I don’t blame the girls for being scared, lol. What if the fairies were out???
    Julie Old Crow πŸ˜‰

  2. We had just about as much in our garden–a few handfuls of beans, about 6 cherry tomatoes, and a dozen carrots 😦

  3. What a fun weekend! Does this mean that Happy Birthdays are in order?
    Erin πŸ™‚

  4. This red tree is gorgeous against the green. We don’t have the reds in this part of Alaska.

  5. The cake is beautiful!!! Happy Birthday Martha and Dan.

  6. Happy Birthday to you…. Happy Birthday to you….. Happy Birthday dear Martha ~~~ Happy Birthday to you ;o)))))

  7. What a great way to celebrate birthdays, the girls will have had a wonderful time. Love the cake…it looks almost satanic!! Hope it tasted as good as it looked. Belated birthday wishes to all from England.

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