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Knitting Outside My Zone

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I'm knitting a lace scarf for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas…I only have five repeats to go before I can block it and call it done.  I chose a very basic pattern for my first *real* lace project and I can't recommend this one highly enough.  It's called Branching Out and was designed especially for knitters like me, who want to give lace a go.  

I'm almost done with the Woolen Winter Walking Headband for Dan…I must admit that these colors are not at all what I had in mind…and the original is so subtly beautiful, I'm sure I have scandalized the entire colorwork community!   When Dan saw it and loved the colors, I made a mental note to sign us both up for a lesson on color theory…
At any rate, I've learned some new knitting skills and I have *almost* completed two handmade holiday gifts.

::That's a good feeling::


Oh, My…

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Halloween is in two days?  Oh, dear…I still have a costume to make for Tater.  Anyone have a spare bow and arrow lying around?  Hmmmm….  And Dassa *lost* her costume.  We may have to do some serious improvising this year.  Weren't we supposed to buy pumpkins to carve?  Uh, oh…


Zeke thinks fires are lovely…he's found his new favorite spot.  (Amidst all the reading debris that tends to gather there too…)   Good thing he's found something he enjoys, as his walks have been shorter lately.
With all the bustle that is raising three girls, things have gone quite mad these past days.  Add in some nasty germs, a Daisy Scout Meeting, Halloween parties at school, new braces – and things are totally out of control!  Oh – and Dan's car died last night.  Hmmmm….
Did I mention we still don't have pumpkins to carve?

Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds…

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I can often be seen looking *up* this time of year.  And no wonder:


Is the sky ever as deep a blue as it is in Autumn?  Maybe it's all the contrasting and complimentary colors.  At any rate, I can't ever get enough of the blue Autumn sky:


But of course there is so much more to see!  Let's look a bit lower:






Well Hello There!  So nice to see you, Sir Wooly Bear!


Aren't they the most fun?  I remember catching Wooly Bears as a child.  Every Autumn I'd hunt for them, well into my teenage years.  They say you can predict the winter weather  by the amount of brown on a Wooly Bear…


I meant to save this sweet critter for the girls to see when they got home…but I started looking at the sky again…
*And he crawled away*

Yesterday and Today…

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Yesterday we had the most amazing adventure.   One of truly epic proportions:






The Harry Potter exhibit exceeded expectations.  Truly amazing and worth seeing if you are at all a fan.  While I feel that Dassa is too young, at six years of age, for Harry Potter, that is what the teachers in her 1-2 classroom are reading and she loves it.  I guess I'd best break down and add it to the *Little Girls Reading* on my sidebar.  I still think she's too young.  What's the deal with all this growing up stuff anyway??
I digress…
Harry Potter film fans should be able to recognize the movie props in these museum photos.  (No pictures allowed in the exhibit, though Tater did secure a copy of the exhibit guide.  Very cool stuff…)


Today I can stop faking that all is well and succumb to this nasty old cold that's been brewing for days…
One must, of course, remember to nurture the nurturer…

Every Town Should Have A Forest

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*Some pictures by me…some courtesy of Dassa*

Historic Marker as Halloween Decor

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Dassa's friend's house is amazing.  (We babysit there sometimes…Hitty Jean showed everyone around one day…remember?)

Anyway…the Historic Conservation Committee of a particular New England Town was *cleaning its closets* and found some markers that were owned by the family's relatives…Did they want them?  Of course!! 


Jonathan Fish, Yeoman, died in 1668…wonder how he feels about being part of the Halloween decor…

Feeling Much Better, Thank You

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Zeke is touched that so many of you emailed your concern about his health.  Too much pond water at the dog park is the final diagnosis.  Sadly, there will be no more of that until the spring.  Not to worry – there will still be plenty of running in the woods.  And don't tell Zeke, but I know a secret!


!!!Santa is bringing him a fenced in yard!!!
He'll be able to have his doggie neighbors over for playdates instead of waiting by the phone to be invited elsewhere.  Heaven!


Books are nice, but boys need to move!!