Weekending…The Good And Not So Good

Good – Candles:


Not So Good – sick pup:


Good: Pompoms being made (after a not so good three hour wait for the flu vaccine):


Today, it's all good.   Candles inside (maybe a fire in the woodstove?) while outside it rains and blows.  A possibility of a (rainy) Pumpkin Fair.  Plenty of knitting, coffee and hot chocolate.  Most likely some cookie baking.
Perhaps the laundry can wait until tomorrow?


5 Responses to “Weekending…The Good And Not So Good”

  1. Oh now I hope it’s nothing serious with the pup.

  2. My daughter and I just read through your Hitty adventure archives and then visited the retreat page, you have us intrigued : )
    Your day sounds lovely, I hope your puppy is feeling better!

  3. Gosh Martha… I hope Zeke is okay!

  4. You have such cute wooden displays! Hope the pooch is okay! It seems like we weekly have a pup ailment so I can really sympathize. Poor little guy. Apparently canned, unsweetened pumpkin helps with diarrhea for dogs, but you can also use Imodium. I think we used a half a tablet on Momo and it helped. I’ve never tried the pumpkin thing. Good luck!
    Erin 🙂

  5. Julie Old Crow Says:

    ahhh, if I was closer, I’d come by with my knitting and we’d have a cozy chat by the woodstove.
    Julie Old Crow

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