Feeling Much Better, Thank You


Zeke is touched that so many of you emailed your concern about his health.  Too much pond water at the dog park is the final diagnosis.  Sadly, there will be no more of that until the spring.  Not to worry – there will still be plenty of running in the woods.  And don't tell Zeke, but I know a secret!


!!!Santa is bringing him a fenced in yard!!!
He'll be able to have his doggie neighbors over for playdates instead of waiting by the phone to be invited elsewhere.  Heaven!


Books are nice, but boys need to move!!


3 Responses to “Feeling Much Better, Thank You”

  1. Oh Zeke! How happy Katie, Annie and I are to know you are back to playing and being a clown…. or are you a couch potato? VERY cute photos! Happy Happy you’re on the mend.
    ;o))))) Vickie

  2. I know you will be so relieved to get that fenced in yard for him. You can let him go out and know he’ll be safe !

  3. Julie Old Crow Says:

    Oh, poor baby! Glad he’s better. The picture of him cuddling is too, too darling.
    He’ll be very happy with his fence!
    Julie old crow

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