Every Town Should Have A Forest






*Some pictures by me…some courtesy of Dassa*


4 Responses to “Every Town Should Have A Forest”

  1. Yes. I would have to agree. I subscribe to the Anne’s House of Dreams way of thinking. A house should have trees and if at all possible, water…a pond, a creek, whatever. I wish I had a river or a lake rather than a pond however.
    Erin 🙂
    ps. I got some orange and green yarn…can I make a hat? I don’t know. Did you use the knitty hatty pattern?

  2. Why yes, I certainly do agree! : )
    Beautiful photos, the sweet little chipmunk in the last one is too cute!

  3. Yes , they should ….but not every one can have one as splendid as yours !
    I hope you had plenty of molasses cookies for your return .

  4. What is the Gingerbread Party?
    Erin 🙂

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