Yesterday and Today…

Yesterday we had the most amazing adventure.   One of truly epic proportions:






The Harry Potter exhibit exceeded expectations.  Truly amazing and worth seeing if you are at all a fan.  While I feel that Dassa is too young, at six years of age, for Harry Potter, that is what the teachers in her 1-2 classroom are reading and she loves it.  I guess I'd best break down and add it to the *Little Girls Reading* on my sidebar.  I still think she's too young.  What's the deal with all this growing up stuff anyway??
I digress…
Harry Potter film fans should be able to recognize the movie props in these museum photos.  (No pictures allowed in the exhibit, though Tater did secure a copy of the exhibit guide.  Very cool stuff…)


Today I can stop faking that all is well and succumb to this nasty old cold that's been brewing for days…
One must, of course, remember to nurture the nurturer…


2 Responses to “Yesterday and Today…”

  1. This is so cool! Where oh where was the exhibit?
    Erin 🙂

  2. Saw the pic of the river then the vintage car and for a minute there I thought you’d all come to England. What a great place to visit, my daughter would love it.

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