Oh, My…

Halloween is in two days?  Oh, dear…I still have a costume to make for Tater.  Anyone have a spare bow and arrow lying around?  Hmmmm….  And Dassa *lost* her costume.  We may have to do some serious improvising this year.  Weren't we supposed to buy pumpkins to carve?  Uh, oh…


Zeke thinks fires are lovely…he's found his new favorite spot.  (Amidst all the reading debris that tends to gather there too…)   Good thing he's found something he enjoys, as his walks have been shorter lately.
With all the bustle that is raising three girls, things have gone quite mad these past days.  Add in some nasty germs, a Daisy Scout Meeting, Halloween parties at school, new braces – and things are totally out of control!  Oh – and Dan's car died last night.  Hmmmm….
Did I mention we still don't have pumpkins to carve?


One Response to “Oh, My…”

  1. What was it with the pumpkins this year? Day after day the thought that we need to pick some for carving has been nagging me but something more “important” always seemed to get in the way. And day by day, as I drove the kids to school, I saw the pile of pumpkins at the local farm stand dwindle to nothing. Luckily it was dad to the rescue! Just in the nick of time he dragged to kids off to the grocery store, snagged a few scraggley pumpkins, and hustled them home for a carving sprint. We practically tossed those things on the doorstep as we headed out for trick or treating! Happy Halloween!!!

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